Case Studies


CLIENT: Major Waste Management organisation

SITUATION: Multi-site operation, client facing operations personnel.

PROBLEM: Declining customer retention levels

PROGRAMME: "Winning Customer Loyalty"

Phase I - Regional one-day kick-start events designed to align mindsets to the importance of retaining customers; introduced practical ways in which various roles could make a difference; brain-storming and action planning. These days were designed to be high energy, enjoyable and focused.

Phase II - nominated break-through team took "quick and easy" actions from the regional events and developed the other actions. Progress fed-back to the teams was continuous, with the rollout of Phase II of the "Winning Customer Loyalty" programme.

Phase III - To existing functional skill sets and expertise were added appropriate Emotional Intelligence competencies. Cross-selling programmes put in place to maximise new communication. Processes to capture, action and analyse complaints, and satisfaction measures were put in place. Customer care mindset was maintained and enhanced through changes to job definitions, incentives, and communication of performance. Key customer communication plans agreed annually.

Phase IV - recognition of customer retention as a core competency by building into recruitment and appraisal policies, monitoring and adjustment of the programme.

The programme was devised and managed by OLA, including event and training facilitation. Payback to the business has been a reversal of customer loss rates and improvements in all services sales penetration.


CLIENT: Signing and Vehicle Graphics Manufacturer

SITUATION: Failing national business development team

PROBLEM: Need for more consistent hit rates and better margins on larger business opportunities in order to smooth revenue peaks and troughs

PROGRAMME: Priceless Selling

Phase I - OLA audited the business development progress internally and through field accompaniment and analysed performance on major opportunities

Phase II - team mindset moved from a "get the quote and then sell on price and spec" to a culture of solution selling and opportunity management (strategic selling processes). This change of mindset and the delivery of opportunity management and Emotional Intelligence competencies were achieved through a price prohibited training weekend.

Phase III - Sales team reporting and monitoring processes were amended to accommodate large opportunity development stages. The company's unique selling benefits were identified and presentation materials amended. Sales meetings were geared around opportunity management with particular emphasis on pipeline development

Phase IV - recognition of solution selling and opportunity management as core selling competencies by building into recruitment and appraisal policies. Amendment of web site and other promotional material to incorporate new approach.

The programme was devised and managed by OLA, including event and training facilitation. Payback to the business has been a more consistent performance in business development and a significant improvement in profit per job.


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