Ockerby Lamarque Associates is a Training and Business Development Consultancy established in September 1987.

Steve Ockerby

Rene Lamarque

The two partners, Steve Ockerby and Rene Lamarque represent over fifty years experience in sales and marketing, management and training. Steve, prior to OLA, worked within the electrical engineering, process control and safety systems industries. His last position was as Sales Director for an American multi-national.

Rene has worked in the capital goods, distribution and property development industries. His last position was that of Marketing Services Director for one of the largest firms of commercial property surveyors.

Following development of the industry standard "How to Sell Marketing Services" open workshop, our client base has long since spread into the IT, construction, distribution, waste management, and commercial graphics sectors.

Clients tend to stay with OLA for one simple reason. We remain important to the development of their business. In today's dynamic environment, we fully recognise the need to get close and to stay close. Indeed, many clients view us as an extension of their own business. This allows us to make a unique contribution to the direction and the facilitation of change.

A natural extension of the core training business has been the launch in 1990 of Logical Venue Solutions (www.logicalvenues.com) a free venue finding service. A more recent development is LVS Events (www.lvsevents.co.uk ) an event management service designed to utilise the training, business development and project management skills of Ockerby Lamarque Associates and the venue/destination expertise of Logical Venue Solutions.

Ockerby Lamarque Associates is not tied to a single client, investor, supplier or venue. We do not produce off the shelf solutions. We will develop situation specific solutions appropriate to individual clients. Our people have the skills, knowledge and experience to do this.

In terms of size, we can manage and facilitate learning events and activities from small groups to company wide programmes. In doing so, we will access the fullest range of methods and media.

We will always look to give something extra - whether it's in free time given at the inception of a programme in order to get the right solution, or it's in the commitment shown during implementation we will seek to surprise.

We work perfectly happily with in-house training and development functions and will utilise your own resources and facilities where appropriate. Otherwise we will organise a suitable external venue according to the specification we agree.

Ockerby Lamarque Associates will do everything it can to support its clients and promises complete confidentiality in all dealings on their behalf.


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Ockerby Lamarque Associates is a trading arm of Ockerby Lamarque Limited, Reg No: 03836946